Exclusive: Panel Discussion on Business Benefits of Third-Party Software Maintenance

Learn about the business benefits of third-party software maintenance in our panel discussion featuring Duncan Jones, Principal Analyst of Sourcing and Vendor Management for Forrester Research, and special guests from two Fortune 500 companies, TIAA and Saint-Gobain.

Key takeaways include:

Better value, better service, and better control over the IT roadmap.
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What type of value a TPSM can yield beyond annual cost-savings

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The motivating factors driving Fortune 500s away from OEMs and to TPSM

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How TPSMs extend the lifecycle, protect the security and enhance the value of IBM software


In a panel discussion with Origina’s Tomás O’Leary, CEO and Founder, and Forrester’s Duncan Jones, Vice President and Principal Analyst of Procurement and Vendor Management, attendees hear real-life examples of the business benefits two Fortune 500 companies realized by switching their software support and maintenance from IBM to Origina.

Origina customers Matt Turner, Head of Contracts and Partner Management at Saint-Gobain, and Tom Nimblett, Senior Director in the Office of Chief Operating Officer at TIAA, join to discuss how Origina’s TPSM has been key to unlocking maximum value from their IBM software – and why they made the switch in the first place.

Origina's value extends beyond fixed cost savings to deliver a greater return on investment for IBM software over a long period of time through value-add software maintenance services.

How TPSMs Create Value to Fund Innovation

Traditional OEM-provided software support begins and ends with incident resolution. Origina helps organizations maximize the value of their software assets and extend their lifecycles through a value-rich third-party software maintenance service offering. Participants in the panel from Saint-Gobain and TIAA explain how this service offering differs to what the OEM can offer and how Origina has turned into their go-to resource for anything related to IBM.

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