From Chaos to Clarity:
Streamlining Your IT Roadmap for Enhanced Efficiency and Productivity

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, businesses are constantly faced with new challenges and opportunities. Having a well-defined and strategic IT roadmap is crucial to staying competitive and achieving your organizational goals.



During this webinar, our expert speakers share their extensive knowledge and practical strategies to help you navigate the complexities of IT roadmap planning. Whether you’re an IT leader, business executive, or technology enthusiast, this webinar is designed to provide you with actionable takeaways to drive your organization’s success.



  • Navigating challenging economic conditions. Explore the current economic landscape, including rising inflation and increased vendor pricing, and understand the impact on IT decision-making and investment strategies.
  • Overcoming vendor-dictated Roadmaps. Learn about the challenges posed by vendor-driven policies and their impact on your organization’s IT roadmap. Discover strategies to navigate vendor lock-ins, upgrade pressures, and poor-quality support.
  • Empowering digital transformation:.Discover how CIOs can drive their digital agendas while efficiently managing their IT budgets. Explore ways to optimize budget allocation, reduce costs, and create room for innovation and digitalization initiatives.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain expert insights and transform your IT strategy to drive business growth.


Mike Rozsa

Former CIO, NiSource
Executive Advisor


Thierry Bonhomme

Former CEO,
Orange Business Services


Brendan Walsh

Chief Revenue Officer,

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