Episode Description

<p>Join Tomás O’Leary and Brendan Walsh as they discuss Apple’s $2 trillion valuation, IBM’s legal trouble and Oracle’s potential purchase of TikTok. Then, ‘From Founder to CEO’ podcast host and executive coach Todd Uterstaedt joins to chat about the anti-hero entrepreneurial theme behind his show, advice for CEOs in the early stages of their company and leadership cues that IBM might take from Microsoft.</p>

Episode Guest: Todd Uterstaedt

Todd Uterstaedt is the host of the ‘From Founder to CEO’ podcast, and Co-Founder, President and CEO of Baker & Daboll, where he is also a Senior Executive Coach.

After serving as a decorated U.S. Army Intelligence Officer and successful Vice President of a global organizational development company, Todd transitioned into the executive coaching world and has had success ever since. In that time he has coached over 2,000 leaders, with 350+ appearing on his popular podcast.

Todd Uterstaedt, host of the From Founder to CEO podcast, joins the Two Irish Guys Discussing Software podcast to discuss leadership at mega-vendors.