This Spaceship Earth Releases E-Book with a Little Help from Origina

“Now That You Know” is a call to action.  

Written by the leaders of the renowned global environmental nonprofit This Spaceship Earth, this free e-book provides a discussion of our current climate crisis, how we got here, and what we can do to address the problem effectively. 

A proud corporate supporter of This Spaceship Earth, Origina is happy to offer “Now That You Know” to our customers and anyone interested in building a greener future.  

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The status of our planet’s climate crisis

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How we got here

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What can be done?

What's Inside

Chapter 1: Explains the concept of This Spaceship Earth, including what the authors call a necessary “shift in consciousness” that begins with thinking of our planet as more of a spaceship with a finite amount of resources. 

Chapter 2: Offers a status check of Earth and the magnitude of the climate crisis. 

Chapter 3: Discusses why these trends are occurring and what we can do to correct the course.  

Chapter 4: Provides a high-level examination of why people might want to become crew members, not just passengers on Spaceship Earth. 

Chapter 5: Suggests how businesses and other organizations can build green corporate cultures and practices, including examining ways supply chains, manufacturing processes, product, packaging, and distribution channels can be altered to reduce CO2 emissions. 

Chapter 6: Offers practical ways individuals can make a difference, from cutting down on plastic and paper usage to building more sustainable communities with composting and planting trees. 

Chapter 7: Issues the challenge of now that you know these things, how will you create a path that will allow Earth to continue and thrive? 

Free E-Book Download: “Now That You Know"


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