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CIOs Embrace Third-Party Software Maintenance Benefits: A Forrester Consulting study commissioned by Origina sheds light on the cost-saving benefits of third-party software maintenance.

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  • The specific benefits of switching to a TPSM
  • How companies are cutting costs using TPSM
  • Why almost three-quarters of CIOs are frequently using TPSMs

A Custom Study Commissioned by Origina, November 2020

    82% of companies think TPSMs are a good value

    2020 has been complex and challenging for IT departments. The role of cost-saving has never been more vital, particularly when it comes to software support.

    Third-party software support offers a higher quality solution and, according to a separate Origina research study, can save up to 50 percent on annual rates.

    Download the study today to learn why CIOs are embracing the benefits of third-party software maintenance.