It’s about context: How to leverage it for your security

Contextual Security is a pro-active approach to high value risk mitigation – reducing the likelihood of a successful attack in the face of a rapidly evolving threat environment.

Please join us for our first monthly edition of Future Proof – The Origina Security Series


Tuesday, September 21, 2021


3pm GMT/ 10am ET


Join this monthly edition of Future Proof to learn:

  • About this innovative approach to security
  • Why ‘knowing yourself’ is important in the contextual security model
  • What does contextual security enable?
  • When you should apply this approach
  • How to apply – hints and tips
  • Next steps – know the threat



    Ben is Head of Security at Origina

    Ben Lipczynski

    Head of Security Services at Origina,
    formerly UK Ministry of Defense,
    EY, Accenture

    Neil Redmond is Director of Cyber for PwC Ireland

    Neil Redmond

    Director of Cyber at PwC Ireland.
    Neil is an experienced leader in the cybersecurity space (Huawei, Deloitte, National Cyber Security Centre)