Reduce Risk and Find IT Savings

Manufacturers leverage Origina’s extensive product expertise and affordable third-party IBM software support to fund IT investments and end forced upgrade cycles.

Why Do Manufacturers Work with Origina?

Independent third-party IBM software support gives companies an alternative to high costs and forced upgrades.

No Forced Upgrades

Want to maintain the stable software version that works?

Access Product Expertise

Need access to experienced engineers and IBM experts?

Savings to Fund IT Projects

Do you require funding for future IT investments and projects?

Toyota is an international automobile manufacturer and is a third-party support customer of Origina for IBM software.

Why Toyota Motor Europe Switched to Origina

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Origina is a Recognized Vendor in the Gartner 2020 Market Guide to Independent Third-Party Support for IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, and SAP Software. Get the guide to read Gartner’s analysis on the industry and its recommendations for picking a vendor.