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Getting quality technical support and mitigating risks involved in changes to the legacy estate can be difficult with vendor support. Origina’s independent Global IBM® Experts provide dedicated expertise via customizable support offerings for all IBM software versions.

Quality Service, Legacy IBM Expertise

When IBM software breaks, IT operations teams need confidence that their support specialists will be able to identify the resolution. Origina assigns a dedicated independent Global IBM® Expert to each IBM product within a customer’s estate to ensure the necessary product expertise and resources are available at a moment’s notice. This model of support ensures quicker resolution times due to an intimate understanding of the environment, which is gained through the close working relationship between Global IBM® Experts and customers.

Origina's Global IBM® Experts have all worked with IBM software for over 15 years at the minimum, bringing a wealth of expertise that may not be available at IBM.
Origina's team of independent Global IBM® Experts deliver dedicated, customized support for customers' IBM software.

Get Customized Support

Origina’s third-party software support model breaks free from traditional vendor support by taking a multi-pronged approach to ensure each customer receives the level of quality and customization it needs to get the most value from its software. In addition to outstanding support, Origina offers a range of specific value-added services to maintain and extend the longevity of IBM environments, delivered by a unique network of global experts.

Find out which IBM products Origina supports.

Considerations for Upgrading On-Premise Software

IBM software upgrades are lengthy projects that can introduce more risk than they resolve, but are they always necessary? Read our guide on which situations require upgrades and how Origina handles common scenarios like:

  • End of Support (EoS) software
  • Gaining new features
  • Product migrations
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Considerations for Upgrading On-Premise Software

Discover why upgrades aren’t always a necessity and learn how Origina helps technical teams accomplish their initiatives.

Webinar on How Origina Protects IBM Software from Security Threats

Cybersecurity for IBM software is a primary concern for every IT operations team. How does Origina protect IBM products from security threats without having access to source code? Watch our webinar on the topic, hosted by Origina’s CTO and Co-Founder Rowan O’Donoghue, who is joined by guest Dr. Christian Folini, Co-Lead for the ModSecurity Core Rule Set project. The webinar covers:
  • Breaking the myth that third-party software support and maintenance isn’t secure
  • Cutting-edge technologies behind Origina’s security strategy
  • Why choosing cost savings doesn’t mean security is sacrificed

Security Patches: The Whole Strategy or Only Part of It?

When it comes to IBM software security, your mind immediately jumps to security patches. However, they’re not the end-all, be-all of software security. Read our blog to learn why a layered approach to security is more effective and how Origina delivers it.

Learn whether IBM security patches are enough to protect IBM software from security vulnerabilities and threats, or if a layered approach is a better choice.

Meet the independent Global IBM Experts who deliver Origina’s customer support