Why Does Financial Services Work with Origina?

Gain clarity on IBM licenses and entitlements

Understanding IBM’s licensing rules and the exact number of entitlements your business owns can be complex and confusing. Origina’s IBM license experts can evalate your IBM inventory and help your team get a firm grasp on what it owns and how the products should be and are being used. 

Expert technical guidance on complex IBM estates

Financial service providers have tangled IT infrastructures with decades-worth of IBM products weaved in. With every institution emphasizing digital transformation, getting guidance on these IBM estates is critical to understanding how to best move forward on important projects.

Unexplored source of savings and funding

Fixed-cost savings on the annual cost of IBM software support average around 50 percent. When coupled with the maximized return on investment through value-added services, companies are able to generate direct and indirect savings through Origina which can support important projects and areas of the business. 

UBS is a financial services provider that works with Origina for third-party IBM support.
Citizens Bank is a financial services instititution which works with Origina for third-party support for IBM software.
CapitalOne is a financial services business which works with Origina for third-party IBM support.
Nationwide is a financial services corporation which works with Origina for third-party support for IBM software.

Gartner Analysts on Third-Party Support

Learn more about Origina and the third-party support sector from Gartner’s Market Guide to Independent Third-Party Support for IBM, Microsoft, Oracle and SAP. 

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Origina's value extends beyond fixed cost savings to deliver a greater return on investment for IBM software over a long period of time through value-add software maintenance services.

Your Trusted Partner for Financial Services IBM Support

We provide quality IBM support at an affordable price, so your business can maximize its return on investment and IT funding. Get in contact with us to learn more about how Origina can help your business.