Why Do Energy and Utilities Companies Work with Origina?

Reduce OPEX to Fund CAPEX

Integrating sustainable energy and developing a more stable grid are crucial projects that require substantial funding to achieve. IT teams can find savings from annual operating expenses for IBM software through reducing maintenance costs by 50 percent on average with Origina’s third-party support model. These savings enable companies to shift costs from OPEX to forward-thinking capital expenses.

Dedicated Support With No Forced Upgrades

Origina provides dedicated support, 24x7x365 for whichever IBM software version our customers need to run. With veteran independent Global IBM® Experts ready to respond at any hour, companies are able to get immediate assistance on critical incidents.

Focus Your Team on Innovation

Origina’s IBM expertise enables your IT team to focus on projects that will push innovative projects forward, instead of maintaining the stability of its IBM software. Dedicated Global IBM® Experts can assist with integrating new technologies, and the lack of disruption and sizable cost savings from avoiding upgrades can speed up project timelines.

Origina's value extends beyond fixed cost savings to deliver a greater return on investment for IBM software over a long period of time through value-add software maintenance services.

Your Trusted Partner for Energy and Utilities IBM Support

We provide the technical expertise for your legacy IBM software so your team can focus on projects like green energy and grid stability. Get in contact with us to learn more about how Origina can help your business.