Adam Ramsay

Head of Pre-Sales

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Get to know Adam’s favorite:


“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

– Lao Tzu

Influential Person

Valentino Rossi, motorsports racing driver and former motorcycle racer

Carl Fogarty, English former motorcycle racer

Facing adversity, one must push forward and achieve success, which is a mantra I live by.


Motorbiking in the mountains to experience the freedom of making your own path.

I also quite enjoy a villa holiday in somewhere like the Algarve, Portugal, or France, where you’ve got your own space and place to do what you want to do.


Monopoly and Uno. There’s some mathematics involved, and you can employ a little bit of strategy.

An interview with our hiring manager

What’s a fun fact about you?

Since I used to work as a farmer, my first job involved shoveling manure into a wheelbarrow after the cows had been through the milking parlor. This was a unique task, aiming to avoid spreading it around the yard.

I also have a background in amateur racing, participating in one-make championships at circuits across the country. Among my favorite tracks are Anglesy in Wales and Oulton Park in England. One memorable race stands out –at Oulton Park where, despite starting lower on the grid due to a poor qualifying session, I worked my way through the field in pouring rain to secure a second-place finish. I was closing in on the lead, but unfortunately, the laps ran out before I could overtake.


What do you like doing in your spare time?

I enjoy walking in the countryside, riding my motorbike, spending time with my family, and to traveling around a bit. I also like tinkering with things like doing DIY. I restored my own tractor, stripping it to the sum of its parts and rebuilding it over four years.


How is Origina different from any other company that you worked for in the past?

As a growing company, there is ample opportunity to exert your influence in your role. There is a significant level of empowerment and accountability, which provides the chance to step up, take charge, and be recognized for your contributions. This environment offers the opportunity to emerge as a leader, shape the future of the business, influence its growth, and direct the trajectory of our endeavors.


What interview tips would you have for somebody applying for a Pre-Sales Specialist role with Origina?

Show me your passion to be different. Exhibit your drive to grow and develop, bringing that influence to bear and maximizing the benefits of autonomy. With empowerment comes accountability, so illustrate how you thrive in such an environment and how you’ll make the most of it. This is about more than just showing up for work; it’s about the desire to be part of something meaningful. As a growing organization engaged in unique and interesting endeavors in the marketplace, we seek individuals with a genuine passion and commitment to being part of a dynamic and purposeful journey, rather than merely going to work.

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