E26: Product Liability or Lack of Accountability?

Two Irish Guys Discussing Software  •   49 minutes

Episode Description

Join Tomás O’Leary and Brendan Walsh as they discuss software product liability, the sweeping antitrust, anti-monopoly, and right-to-repair bills introduced in the US, and Lina Khan’s appointment to Chairperson of the Federal Trade Commission. Then, Dan Shefet joins to explain why new legislation may not have the intended effect on existing monopolies, how companies are growing and protecting their market share with intellectual property rights, and where he is optimistic for real change to take place.

Episode Guest: Dan Shefet

Dan Shefet is a French Lawyer and owner of Cabinet Shefet. Shefet is focused on international law, including European law, and specializes in intellectual property law, IT law, and competition law. Shefet is well-known as the lawyer who took Google to court and won.