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"Rising software maintenance costs are driving sourcing, procurement and vendor management leaders to explore the independent third-party maintenance market for IBM, Oracle and SAP software." - Gartner

third-party providers


  • Reduced annual support bill of up to 60% vs current spend
  • Increased lifespan of stable post-warranty applications.
  • Reduced ongoing total cost of ownership of a particular OEM application, such as IBM’s DB2.
  • Equivalent or better level of service with dedicated assigned support specialists per client.
  • Escape the mandatory OEM upgrade when support ends.


  • If you have a system that requires constant upgrades or patches, a TPSM provider would not be suitable.
  • Reduced access to future patches and updates. However, prior to the switch all prior patches and versions available to the customer is downloaded should you need them.
  • Smaller volume of product support specialists but you get a dedicated team with faster response and problem resolution time.


Know how to start your journey with a TPSM provider and save your company millions!

  • Is your IBM software nearing end of support?
  • Are you planning on phasing your software out over the next few years?
  • Maybe you’re running an older version of IBM software and your systems are stable?
  • Would you value a more responsive software support service?
  • Or maybe you’re confused about your IBM software rights?

If you answer YES for some or most of the questions above, we can help you providing a better solution for your IBM support.


Our clients save 60% on average off their annual IBM software support costs
Step 1
We carry out an assessment of your current IBM software estate and calculate how much you will save by switching your support to Origina.
Step 2
A seamless transition from IBM by validating your license entitlements, capturing your entitled software and assigning your dedicated technical experts.
Step 3
You’ve moved to Origina. Now get ready for enhanced and faster software support!

Frequently Asked Questions

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What does TPSM mean?

TPSM stands for Third-Party Software Maintenance in relation to support. Origina are part of a rapidly expanding TPSM market that includes companies such as Rimini Street, Alui, Spinnaker, Support Revolution and others. Many of the top industry analysts such as Gartner and Forbes  have been writing about the rapid emergence of a secondary software market, including a viable TPSM industry in which we are a leading international player.

Do TPSM support all software?

Origina, for example, offers support for over 800 IBM products. However, once you swap your support to a TPSM provider and your contract expires with the OEM, in this case with IBM, you will lose access to all upgrades and patches. To avoid issues down the line, we download all of these files prior to the renewal date with IBM so that you have these files just in case.

When using a TPSM provider can I use the the OEM too?

Yes, you can use a TPSM provider to compliment the OEM’s agreement so that you have access to future patches and upgrades should you want them. If a product is EoS (End-of-Support), the TPSM can provide the support the OEM no longer does.

How long does it take to transition to a TPSM provider?

With Origina, this depends entirely on the number of products targeted to transition. The process always starts with a Feasibility Assessment where we validate if the products can be transitioned, the cost benefits and evaluate any obvious risks. This process can take a number of weeks but once completed, contracts and on-boarding will usually take another 3-4 weeks.

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Is using a TPSM provider in breach of my contract with IBM?

Each IBM contract is unique, but Software Subscription & Support is not on an indefinite time frame – you do not have to stay with the OEM forever and ever. S&S is not obligatory and, under the correct circumstances, the renewal (and all associated annual costs) can be avoided or, with Origina’s help, reduced by 60%.

Can we add more software to a TPSM provider at a later stage?

Absolutely, of course!

Can we break out a subset of our software products to a TPSM provider?

Yes of course - you can choose which products are MOST suitable to move to a TPSM provider, such as Origina, prior to your next OEM renewal, such as IBM. Which products you choose to move may depend on a number of factors, but most typically: products that you do not wish to upgrade on a continual basis; products that are EOS with the OEM; or where there is a plan to migrate to a new solution.

Do we need to transfer all software estate when using a TPSM provider?

No, you do not have to transfer all of your software estate. Most of our clients only transfer support of a small amount of their estate.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Testimonial QuotationTestimonial Quotation
100% better than IBM

This service is 100% better than what you get from IBM. With IBM you just get the standard answer. With Origina they understand the customization we have made to each product.

Testimonial QuotationTestimonial Quotation
Knowledge we needed

We couldn’t find a solution for all our IBM applications, that could guarantee the support and knowledge we needed. Being in contact with Origina, felt good right away.

Testimonial QuotationTestimonial Quotation
A much better service

We really have made massive savings. We feel like we are getting real value by going to Origina, we’ve gained a much better service.


And within 48 hours we will provide you with a free-of-charge, comprehensive report detailing the level of support and cost savings that is attainable when you switch your support to Origina.

Origina is the world’s leading IBM TPSM provider. We offer our clients an average of 60% off their IBM software support costs while providing them with a fast, high quality software support service.

With a growing community of former IBM technical experts, we offer comprehensive IBM software support for IBM products at a fraction of the cost, and with quicker response times and more flexible contracts, than IBM themselves.

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