HCL Domino is an enterprise server application development platform that can be used for many types of business applications. It is the foundation for a complete collaborative solution. It provides a low-code infrastructure that allows business users and IT teams to create, test, deploy and manage applications such as application servers, security, databases, user directories, instant messaging, connectivity, web servers, email servers, calendaring engine, and more.

History of HCL Domino

Initially called Lotus Notes Server, HCL Domino was the server component of Lotus Corp’s client-server messaging technology. HCL Domino, formerly called IBM Domino (1995) and Lotus Domino (1989), was sold by IBM to HCL.

In 2019, HCL Technologies (HCL) acquired several IBM software products, including Lotus Notes and Domino. The agreement, under which HCL would acquire selected IBM software products for $1.8 billion, was closed in July 2019. At this time, HCL also announced the introduction of HCL Software, a division to operate the enterprise software business, which includes several products acquired from IBM.

“We’re getting more than we ever did with IBM! Origina helped us to understand and transform our digital estate, and saved us between 40 and 50 percent off our annual IBM software support and maintenance costs.”
BT is a telecommunications firm that works with Origina for third-party IBM software support.
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HCL Domino product versions and Entitlements

E0225LL IBM Domino Utility Server Processor Value Unit (PVU) Annual SW Subscription & Support Renewal

Released By Supported By Version Released EOS Version
HCL HCL 11.0.x 20-12-19 Active
IBM HCL 10.0.x 10-10-18 Active
IBM HCL 9.0.x 12-04-13 Active
IBM N/A 8.5.x 23-01-09 EOS
IBM N/A 8.0.x 21-09-07 EOS
IBM N/A 7.0.x 07-10-05 EOS

E07UMLL IBM Domino Enterprise Client Access License Authorized User Annual SW Subscription & Support Renewal

Supported By Version Released EOS Version
HCL Active
HCL 10.00.01 14-06-19 Active
HCL 10.00.00 06-11-18 Active
HCL 09.00.01 29-10-13 Active
HCL 09.00.00 21-03-13 Active
IBM 08.05.03 04-10-11 EOS
IBM 08.05.02 24-08-10 EOS
IBM 08.05.01 12-10-09 EOS


  1. Enterprise HCL Domino users are faced with decisions on extending, migrating, or retiring their Domino based applications which are supporting important business processes, but the reality is that HCL Domino is no longer a strategic technology platform for their organization. Key factors in these decisions include the quality of ongoing support for existing installations given the sale of the products from IBM to HCL; the availability of deep expertise in assisting with product migrations to cloud, and the increasing business risk and expense of maintaining interoperability with other elements of the enterprise stack over time.


  2. Third-party support offers solutions to all of the above issues through dedicated product expertise from highly qualified personnel, ready to assist with support, migration advice, and consultation, combining deep product knowledge with a comprehensive understanding of your particular interoperability challenges through an intimate pro-active support model. And, for significantly less outlay than your current OEM support costs.


  3. However, if HCL Domino has been selected by your organization as a strategic technology choice for future investment, and you do want to continue development, the recommendation is to stay with the existing OEM arrangements.
  1. Origina offers an intimate support model to all our customers. We assign dedicated Global IBM/HCL Experts (GIEs) to each client and follow a pro-active support model helping our customers get the most out of their Domino investment. All of our GIEs have a minimum of 15 years of specific product experience and undergo thorough vetting by our Technical Council before recruitment. Find out more here.

  2. We offer a suite of specific services that are designed specifically to assist our customers in managing legacy product installations, and transitions, if required. Find out more here.

  3. We will support all versions – unlike the OEM, we are not concerned about EoS announcements for our customers. We will support your installation for as long as you need.

  4. We are significantly more cost effective than HCL, which in turn may help you fund more strategic initiatives.

  5. What to learn more about Origina support? Read here.

Origina offers support for a variety of products. Find out more here


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