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IBM Licence Audit Services

Whether you're preparing for an upcoming IBM License Audit or assessing your options in the aftermath of one, we're here to help and offer you a choice.

ARE YOU IBM License Audit Ready?

IBM licensing rules are complex and trying to measure your license position can be difficult. The tools provided by IBM: Passport Advantage and ILMT, also require expert knowledge to understand and maintain.

We can help.

We know IBM software and their licensing rules inside out. Through our worldwide network of expert partners we can provide a range of IBM license management services that will ensure you know your license position with confidence and that you are getting the maximum value from your investment in IBM products.

Origina - Are you IBM® license audit ready?

Origina are not an IBM partner. Our advice is independent and focused on what delivers the best value for your business not what increase IBM’s revenue.

IBM License Compliance Health Check
IBM License Audit Defence
IBM Entitlement Analysis
IBM License Management Tool (ILMT) Health Check
IBM License Procurement Advice

Have you just had an IBM License Audit?

Whether it was a full IBM license audit or a license review it is safe to assume that it was a resource intensive, stressful and expensive experience for your organisation. 

You’ve done the work, would you like to reuse this data and find out if you can reduce your IBM Support? 

Using just some of the data you gathered for the license review (part numbers and quantities) we can quickly prepare a model and show you where there are opportunities to significantly reduce your IBM Support bill.

We save our clients on average 50% off their annual IBM Software Support & Maintenance Costs

By taking just 90 minutes of your time, we can show you exactly what your savings could be.
Origina - Have you just had an IBM® license audit?

What our clients say about us

"We’re getting more than we ever did with IBM! They help us understand and transform our estate and saved us between 40% and 50% off our annual IBM software maintenance costs.."

Matt Turner, Channels & IT Transformation, BT

“We did indeed have a problem yesterday right in the middle of (and directly related to) the go-live of our new warehouse. We really appreciate Origina’s great response to the call and access to expertise which sorted the problem. Things calmed down massively after that."

Danny Hutchinson, Head of IT, Henderson Group

"Origina…help users of some IBM enterprise software products (such as Websphere and Tivoli) make savings of up to 50% per annum on their maintenance fees. In addition, by delaying or even removing the need in some circumstances for forced upgrades Origina say the savings can soar to 90%."

Mark Bartrick, Principal Consultant, Forrester