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Feasibility Assessment

Origina clients save on average 50% off their annual IBM software support and maintenance costs. Discover how much you can save with our simple 3 step feasibility assessment below.


In order for us to provide you with cost savings estimate, you will need to share with us the following:

  • IBM “E” Part Numbers
  • IBM Product Version
  • IBM Product Quantities

You will find all this information in your Proof of Entitlements document; which in turn is found in your IBM Passport Advantage. With this information we can prepare a simple cost comparison for you and you will have a ballpark of your potential savings.

Step 1: Ballpark Savings Estimate


Next, we will assess the current and future usage requirements for all your IBM products and map your software support over their lifetime. Note that Origina will continue to support legacy applications after IBM ends their support.

With a complete breakdown of your current and future support needs, we will be in a position to prepare a complex and detailed cost comparison chart and compare the savings with your current IBM contract.

Step 2: Detailed Savings Estimate

STEP 3: Risk Analysis Report

After we confirm the versions deployed and in use for each IBM product, we will complete our feasibility assessment with a risk analysis report, where we will document all known risks so that you can make an informed decision at this point. There are no strings attached and you can walk away at any point.

Step 3: Risk Analysis Report

Calculate your savings now

You’ve nothing to lose and potentially huge savings to make. Find out how much you can save and contact us today.