What is Third-Party Software Maintenance?

Third-party software maintenance is the independent alternative to vendor-provided software maintenance.

Though commonly used interchangeably, Origina makes a clear distinction between its software maintenance and software support services. When leveraged correctly, software maintenance unlocks the potential value that isn’t tapped with a traditional software support model.

Software maintenance relies on value-added service to maintain the longevity of IBM software and extend its return on investment for the customer. It differs from traditional software support in that it’s present in a proactive or preventative strategy – which seeks to integrate the product’s upkeep with the IT roadmap – rather than a reactive strategy, which is acutely focused on resolving incidents.

Origina’s software maintenance service unlocks the true potential of IBM software in a way that the vendor won’t be able to provide. Through Meet-The-Expert sessions, Origina’s independent Global IBM® Experts can consult on a variety of projects or requirements surrounding the IBM product in question. Potential outcomes include interoperability validation, solution architecture optimization and even the creation of new features.