What is a Feasibility Assessment?

The Feasibility Assessment is Origina’s free evaluation that compares the cost of staying with IBM for software support versus the price of third-party support with Origina.

Origina’s pricing analysts take your IBM parts and quantities to provide the estimated cost savings of switching to Origina over a five-year period, as well as:

•A list of all the product versions the company is currently entitled to.

•An assessment of the case history with IBM to determine what value has been received.

•A technical assessment that will maximize the value of switching to Origina.

The Feasibility Assessment is completely free of charge and your information is kept confidential. It provides value to companies even if they decide not to switch to Origina for third-party software support, and determines the viability of making the switch if it’s desired.

To learn more about the Feasibility Assessment, read our Feasibility Assessment Overview here.

To get your Feasibility Assessment, click here.