Is Origina an IBM Business Partner?

Origina is not an IBM Business Partner. Origina provides third-party software support for IBM products wholly independent of IBM.

This is made possible due to the fact that over 800 IBM products are perpetually licensed. A perpetual software license enables the licensee to continue using the software even after the 12-month Subscription and Support (S&S) ends.

Origina takes over the responsibilities originally held by IBM, which consist of responding to incidents and guiding the technical team to a resolution. With Origina, customers retain access to all the versions of IBM software they have access to at the end of S&S and can upgrade to these versions whenever the company requires. However, the company will not have access to future, unreleased versions while with Origina for support. It will need to reinstate to gain access to these upgrades.

Learn more about Origina’s software support model here.