Can I Still Download Fixes and New Versions Once My Subscription and Support (S&S) Lapses?

No, you will no longer have access to download newly released Fix Packs and software versions from IBM once your Subscription and Support (S&S) lapses. However, you may still use and deploy Fix Packs and software versions you were entitled to before S&S ended, provided you downloaded the files and stored them.

For example:

A customer had S&S for Product A, which ran until 30 Sep 2020. Version 5.1 was released on 01 Jan 2020 and Version 5.2 was released on 10 Oct 2020. The customer is entitled to install Version 5.1 of Product A as it was released while S&S was active, but the customer is not entitled to use Version 5.2 because it was released after S&S lapsed.

So long as a company has an active S&S once the Fix Pack or software version is released, it can use those files in perpetuity*. It’s for this reason that Origina customers are encouraged to download all versions of the products and related Fix Packs (where S&S is not being renewed) prior to moving to Origina or letting S&S lapse. Once these are captured and stored, they may be used as and when required.

*This applies only to customers who have purchased perpetual licenses – please see here for additional information about perpetual licenses.

Origina’s expert software entitlement team can support your technical team when downloading the entitled software versions and Fix Packs. Customers have access to an in-depth guide to manually capturing software entitlements, which will walk readers through how to find and safely store these files.

Origina’s first port of call for protecting against IBM software vulnerabilities that a customer is affected by is to review whether an existing entitled Fix Pack exists. Similarly, Origina looks to Fix Packs and software versions when a new feature or quality of life change is requested. Of course, Origina has alternative ways to provide both security and feature enhancements that do not rely on IBM® Fix Packs or software versions.

To learn more about the process of manually capturing entitlements, reach out to your account manager or get in contact with us.

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