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Who’d pay €500 to repair a puncture?
What if the bike was an IBM application and the punctures were software support?

With this campaign, we aim to break the status quo when it comes to renewing with IBM - “If it isn’t broke, why fix it…”; With this quirky take we aim to enable those in the industry to realize there is more software support options out there. You don’t have to be tied into IBM’s lengthy and costly software support contracts, there are high quality alternatives at more than half the cost.

Are you sick of forced unnecessary upgrades??? By swapping your support to Origina, you can say goodbye to forced upgrades as we support all legacy software at its current version.

Business software license management is something of a dark art. The inherent complexity of licensing means that even experienced software asset managers are sometimes caught out. In fact, even your IBM account manager probably doesn't fully understand the exact terms of the applications you use.

3rd party support SAVES you at least 60% off your current IBM software support contract with the added flexibility of not having to sign long contracts. We are the leading independent maintainers of IBM software offering maintenance to 800 IBM software products.

Don’t settle for “It’s just our policy”, bad customer service, long SLA times or overpriced support. Explore all your options because you at the end of the day you will be shocked from how much a third-party can offer you.