Henderson Group Case Study

Discover how Origina’s expertise on legacy IBM products saved the day.

Customer Profile

Henderson Group has been distributing food and grocery-related products to the convenience retail sector in Northern Ireland for over 100 years. The family owned business operates the SPAR, EUROSPAR, VIVO and ViVOXTRA franchises and is now the largest operator of its kind in the Province.

Henderson Group Case Study

The Problem

Following the opening of a new £14m warehouse facility, users reported a serious performance issue with the main warehouse management system where queries were taking up to 30 times longer than normal to complete, dramatically reducing productivity and effificiency. However, according to the warehouse application vendor’s initial investigation, the system was operating normally.

The Solution

Origina identified the problem related to legacy IBM products Informix and DB2. The decline in performance was attributed to a recent system reconfiguration to support the new warehouse. A new script was written and executed by Origina’s Level 3 team and the problem was solved. From the first call to Origina, to the script completing, a complex outage was resolved in a quarter of an hour.

Henderson Group Case Study

Client Feedback

“We did indeed have a problem yesterday right in the middle of (and directly related to) the go-live of our new warehouse. We really appreciate Origina’s great response to the call and access to expertise which sorted the problem. Things calmed down massively after that."

Danny Hutchinson
Head of IT
Henderson Group