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How “best effort” became “best value” with third party support for IBM® FileNet

Customer Profile

Out with the old, in with the new

As part of a strategic initiative to improve speed and efficiency, this global car manufacturer planned to replace an in-house application with a modern alternative that would deliver improved performance. Although the existing application relied heavily on the IBM® FileNet document management system for functionality, the proposed replacement did not. They were looking for interim support while FileNet was phased out.

“As is normally the case, IBM® wanted to renew the FileNet contract in one-year increments,” said the Company’s Head of the Contract Management and Vendor Partnerships team. “We were not sure that the project would actually take 12 months to complete, so renewing with IBM® did not sound like the most cost-effective choice.”

Global Car Manufacturer

The Problem

Extended Support Costs – for nothing?

Absolutely critical to line-of-business operations, the decommissioning project risk assessment did not permit leaving FileNet unsupported – particularly as this global car manufacturer are using an officially retired version of the product.

“Because our FileNet installation is out of date, we had to negotiate a custom Extended Support contract with IBM®. With Extended Support from IBM®, we were only entitled to best effort support, which meant that requests for assistance were typically directed to an old knowledgebase article.”

Faced with another 12 months paying a small fortune for almost nothing, The Contract Management team began looking for alternatives. Having used third party support for other software products, he was reminded of a conversation he had had some months previously with Tomás O’Leary at Origina.

The Solution

A more flexible, cost-effective arrangement

As negotiations with Origina got underway, it became clear that their support model was much more in line with the company’s decommissioning project. Obviously, the headline cost saving – over €250,000 – was hugely attractive, but Origina offered other benefits too.

“Unlike IBM®, Origina was willing to negotiate on contract terms, effectively offering month-by-month support. Perfect for a project with a flexible timescale”.

Third party software support from Origina also avoids many of the pitfalls of custom IBM® contracts. Because they employ ex-IBM® product specialists, Origina were able to provide this global car manufacturer with a full-service maintenance agreement, ending the ‘best efforts’ agreement they had been struggling with.

Into the future

“Ultimately, our decision was based on cost - Origina helped us save more than €250,000 over the course of the decommissioning project. With savings like that on the table, our project team found it impossible to argue against third party FileNet support from Origina.”

And would this company recommend Origina?

“Absolutely. Their price was unbeatable, and they have been excellent to work with. We’re already looking for other product support contracts they may be able to take over in future.”

Global Car Manufacturer

Client Feedback

"The software vendors are very bullish. I find their [IBM's] arrogance direct line unacceptable; their pricing model is complex, and understanding their licensing model is complex too."

Paul Denman
Head of Infrastructure
Direct Line Group