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BT finds better-quality support for its custom Informix database

BT cut its Informix software support costs in half while getting better quality service.

Customer Profile



BT is a multi-national telecommunications and mobile provider with headquarters in London. The globally known company operates in over 180 countries and is the largest provider of fixed-line, broadband and mobile services across the United Kingdom.

BT finds better-quality support for its custom Informix database

The Problem



In the acquisition of EE in 2016, BT also inherited most of the company’s unconsolidated software stack. Many of these products had been in place since before EE was formed via a merger between Orange and T-Mobile in 2010 and would have to undergo yet another merger.

EE ran a unique and customized version of IBM® Informix, which was complex to maintain. The database was a business-critical resource and the software support it had in place needed to reflect that. However, the business was facing another contract renewal with IBM support – and the inevitable annual cost increase.

Keeping quality of service in mind, BT set out to find savings on support for the software it inherited.

The Solution



BT approached Origina as a software support provider for its IBM® applications and the two were a perfect fit from the start. Origina's Global IBM Experts worked closely with BT’s technical team to thoroughly understand the software stack and its interoperability with the larger digital estate.  

The close-working relationship allowed Origina to showcase its technical expertise and gave BT peace of mind that it wasn’t simply opting for lower quality support.

“We couldn’t afford to compromise the quality of service we were getting, no matter how big the financial savings were.”

BT ultimately ended up switching its software support for Informix to Origina and received a personalized software support service as a result. Due to the various acquisitions the technology stack had been through over the years, getting bespoke, responsive support for its IBM® products was crucial.


BT gained a strategic IT partner in Origina that guided its technical engineering team through any issues stemming from the acquisition and would be a resource moving forward in aligning the software estate with company’s IT strategy.

“We’re getting more than we ever did previously with our software support. We’re getting feedback on how they can help us with our software retirement plans and other projects.”

The telecommunications company was also able to save 40 to 50 percent annually on its software support costs by switching to Origina. With it, the group gained a much more responsive service model given how closely Origina’s Global IBM Experts worked with its on-site team during the onboarding process.

The funds that BT saved help fund new initiatives and projects which would go on to the benefit the entire IT department and company at large.

BT finds better-quality support for its custom Informix database

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