Finding software support costs that matched the level of service it needs, generated 45% in savings.


Optimizing spend across the business became a priority at the Dutch health insurance company and its IT strategy was a key element of the initiative. Because of how stable and reliable its IBM digital estate was, the cost of its software support contract was considered too expensive in comparison to the value the company received from it. Similarly, the business was aiming to potentially introduce new technologies in the years ahead and another lengthy contract with IBM didn’t make sense. Ahead of its renewal date, the group’s IT Vendor Manager began to look at an alternative provider for its IBM software support.



As one of the largest health insurance companies in the Netherlands, this group has been a mainstay for customers for nearly a century. Its digital estate is critical to ensuring timely responses to its users and keeping their sensitive information safe and secure.

IBM® Infosphere IBM® WebSphere


Case Studies The SolutionThe Dutch health insurance provider ultimately brought its IBM technology stack to Origina for software support. One of the key motivators in doing so was the ability to create a bespoke contract and flexible service model, which would support the company’s roadmap without prohibiting their objectives.

Given the stability of the digital estate, the contract also financially reflected the level of support the Dutch health insurance provider would need. While the service was more responsive than the business had in the past and delivered at the quality it expected, it also freed up funding that could fuel new projects on the horizon.

“Initially we couldn’t find a complete solution for all our IBM applications that could guarantee the support and expertise we needed. Being in contact with Origina felt like a good fit right away.”

In the end, the company gained a business partner in Origina. Its value adds, like quarterly service updates and Meet-the-Expert meetings, allowed the two sides to keep in constant communication about the dependability of the environment and any eventual changes that were to be made.


The Dutch health insurance company was able to find the savings it was looking for that matched its software support usage without compromising on the quality of the service. Those funds would go on to support initiatives that benefited the wider business.
Benefits include:
  • 45% cost savings
  • Improved software support quality
  • Bespoke contract and service model
  • No forced upgrades

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