Moving its Cognos estate to Origina extended the software’s lifecycle and freed up budget for new strategic initiatives.


The IT roadmap for the global automotive manufacturer was nearly paved, but there were still a few potholes the company had to fill in.

It planned on integrating a brand-new data warehouse down the line, a transition that would move data storage away from the old, but stable, IBM® Cognos estate that was currently in place. The company simply needed to keep operations online in the near-term while improvements were made on the back end and new solutions were integrated.

Unfortunately, a quickly approaching IBM renewal date and a reluctance to upgrade put the global automotive manufacturer between an engine block and a hard place.

The company was faced with the difficult decision: spend on an IT project and annual software support contract that will become a moot point when the new data warehouse goes live, or search for another option?

The IT Vendor Manager decided to see if there were any alternatives on the market.


Well known for its automotive products, this global automotive manufacturer supports more than 5,000 employees at its USA headquarters. It has operations in over 140 countries worldwide, providing a variety of top-quality products for automobiles


Case Studies The SolutionA Gartner analyst suggested the company look at third-party software support as an alternative to renewing its contract with IBM. Following an introductory call with Origina, the IT Vendor Manager was put in contact with an Origina customer – one who had faced a similar situation regarding the company’s IT roadmap.

Origina was able to show its expertise in maintaining IBM software through conversations with its independent Global IBM® Experts (GIEs), its clients and open dialogues discussing the interoperability of the company’s digital estate. It wasn’t too long before the automotive manufacturer made the switch.

In doing so, the business was able to maintain its current IBM software versions without the emphasis to upgrade. It also gained access to dedicated GIEs, regular status updates and developed a relationship with many on the Origina team.

“The Origina team is so much more engaged than IBM, Origina wants to talk to us every quarter and do regular check-ins. I have a very high opinion of all the senior leaders in there.”


The automotive manufacturer was able to accomplish a few key results in its switch to Origina. For starters, it was able to maintain its current environment without dedicating resources to an upgrade. That allowed the team to funnel more of its budget toward the new data warehouse project, which would provide a greater return on investment and push its roadmap forward.

With the GIEs now on board and comfortable with the environment, Origina was able to assist in the decommission project. The company was able to accomplish the project with less complication and fewer expenses because of this.

It was also able to cut its annual IBM software support costs by 50 percent, which contributed to the project and helped fund even more new initiatives. IBM’s solution would have resulted in more costly upgrade projects – one of which was already in progress for two years upon the retail group switching to Origina and had not yet been finished – and would likely have not resolved most problems.

“The biggest success is the cost savings, as they let us deploy those budget dollars to projects that can carry forward our business. We spent money on business projects that can change the company, rather than support a contract that wouldn’t have the same effect.”

The IT team that worked closely with Cognos was able to obtain better, more personalized support without the pressure of having to upgrade an estate that wouldn’t factor into the company’s future. It was a win-win for everyone involved.

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