August 7, 2013
Tomás O'Leary

You might not think your CEO has much interest in what machine code licences are available, or that your CFO cares about the applications your infrastructure runs. But show them why they should, and you could quickly become an IT hero!



Over the last 20 years, younger IT professionals have focussed on more “in-demand” technologies, leading to a serious shortage in skills available to support IBM® legacy technology. CEOs face a shrinking pool of expertise and experience in mainframe technologies that has forced many end users towards expensive and restrictive contracts with OEMs.

Origina can provide the skills and experience for these technologies with our team of IBM®-certified technical experts. A dedicated legacy support provider can free up crucial internal resources and human capital available to businesses.


Due to the paucity of skilled IT professionals, OEMs have been able to charge a premium price for legacy systems support. Hardware and software support is increasingly being exploited as this technology moves into the mature/declining stage of the product lifecycle.  CEOs face consistent increases in prices that have severely hampered many businesses from driving growth through investing in IT-based solutions. Instead, their budgets are being used up in maintaining the status quo.

Origina enjoys the cost benefits of not having to support a global brand (as well as the overheads and inefficiencies that come with it), and passes these along to the customer. Savings of up to 50% are available with a near-instant ROI.


Legacy technology, by its very definition, is old, and in today’s ever-changing technological environment, “old” seems to have a negative connotation. CEOs are under pressure to adapt and adopt the latest technologies, and they can be unaware of the power, security and reliability that come with the equipment they already have.


One of the major issues raised by our clients was the poor service quality they were receiving from the OEMs. Users are becoming dissatisfied with the level and quality of service available as IBM® continues to commoditise legacy services. CEOs cannot afford to have mission-critical applications not being fixed on time, or SLAs that are suited to the provider rather than the customer.

At Origina, we provide Service Level Agreements to suit your business and IT needs. We understand why these technologies are important for your business, and that allows us to tweak and fine-tune legacy infrastructure to provide improved internal processes.


There has been a major shift in the requirements for IT infrastructure and applications in recent years, and that trend is set to continue. Legacy systems can be viewed as restrictive and archaic: the businesses dependent on them can’t move off due to the huge capital costs and business-critical applications that have accrued over the years.

Meanwhile, BYOD (“bring your own device”) and the demands of mobile working have brought a host of new problems for CIOs. Maintaining high availability to applications and data while managing security threats and trying to drive business growth on a limited budget is a big challenge for many CIOs. The high cost of maintaining and supporting these systems means there is limited IT budget available to support innovation and technology change. So in effect, end user organisations are trapped into keeping these systems going to maintain business as usual.

Because of the prohibitive cost of support contracts with OEMs and a severe skills shortage in legacy systems as the best and brightest move towards cloud-based and advanced technologies, many CIOs are unable to provide real value and solutions for their business.

Origina has the skills, experience and expertise necessary to support these systems, at up to 50% of the cost of OEMs. By moving support to Origina, CIOs have the opportunity to free up budget and internal resources that can be used to provide proactive IT solutions and drive growth for their businesses.


As legacy systems move into the mature/declining stage of their product lifecycle, they can become a prohibitively expensive drain on your business. Potentially viewed by OEMs as a cash cow, legacy IT leaves businesses unable to move off the systems; their massive capital costs are at risk of being exploited.

As well as charging for inventory analysis, pre-purchase of critical hardware parts, health-checks and patching advice, IBM® has recently confirmed another 3% rise in the cost of legacy support. These extra charges can be crippling to an ever-tightening IT budget. A shortage of available skills has also left many CFOs with no option but to purchase support services from OEMs.

Origina is a credible alternative to the restrictive costs of purchasing hardware and software maintenance from OEMs. By delivering savings of up to 50%, Origina can help CFOs breathe a sigh of relief and finally begin to get a comprehensive ROI from their investments in IT.

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