The Single Biggest Myth Regarding Adoption of Third-Party Software Maintenance

January 29, 2014
Tomás O'Leary

This was originally posted by Lee Mashburn on

Adopting third-party software maintenance should never strain or sever your business relationship with SAP or Oracle. Selecting Spinnaker Support today in no way restricts your ability to subsequently re-engage with your software publisher should you choose to do so. It is pure myth and fabricated risk. Debunking the myth, about 10% of our customers have successfully re-engaged after very fruitful stints with Spinnaker Support.

In full disclosure, questions should be asked and satisfactorily answered so you are assured that third-party support is your best option. We address questions every day regarding kernel source code access, OSS notes, tax and regulatory updates, Solution Manager, keys, experience level, etc. We also advise prospects and clients on how best to.... Continue reading.

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