Jul 10, 2019
Tomás O'Leary
Tomás O'Leary
Tomás O'Leary

Origina is proud to announce the opening of our new German office to support our DACH expansion. Origina, is becoming one of Europe’s fastest growing IT companies and on track for a 4th straight year of triple-digit growth, helping some of the largest organisations in the world reduce their IBM software maintenance costs.

To support our rapid growth within Europe, Origina has expanded its operational base by opening a German subsidiary, in Munich. Like Origina UK, Ireland and US, this new German branch will capitalize on the success of Origina’s strategy in the UK and the United States and we have proudly hired Michael Scheib as our region’s General Manager.Michael will be in charge of developing this market with a team of direct Sales Representatives and Account Managers. Michael has over 25 years of successfully managing the expansion of International IT companies within the DACH region.

This is such an exciting time as Origina is growing at such a pace, we need to have a presence and team in each of our core markets. We are very lucky to have Michael on board; he brings years of experience successfully expanding international IT companies. With Michael at the helm, we expect to see a sizable uplift in our market presence and customers.

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