September 11, 2013
Tomás O'Leary

Origina, a leading third-party maintenance provider of IBM® technology have announced their membership and support of Free ICT Europe – a new alliance of independent enterprise ICT operators in Europe.

Origina CEO Tomás O’Leary, a founding member of Free ICT Europe said “Our goal is to ensure that all users of enterprise ICT have the freedom to choose their service provider, with fair and reasonable availability of parts, patches, diagnostics and license information as well as open and free transferability (buying and selling) of hardware and licenses without unreasonable restrictions”.


As a leading independent provider of enterprise software maintenance, Origina saw first-hand the frustrations of clients and other providers in the industry. “In the emerging independent enterprise software maintenance market (worth $60bn globally), we have taken a leadership role in getting this group off the ground. We are delighted that it is now in existence”, says Tomas O’Leary. Lobbying on behalf of end-users, Origina are actively encouraging other organisations to join the alliance. “We urge all those organisations who want to ensure that choice remains a key part of their decision process, both by whom and how their ICT assets are maintained, to also join this group”, says Origina CEO, Tomas O’Leary.


Free ICT Europe has been founded on the principle of freedom of choice for buyers of enterprise ICT. Tomas O’Leary states; “By creating this group, representing businesses from every European country, we expect to have a body that can raise any issues concerning the free provision of service and ensure that customer choice continues to be on the agenda of the European ICT marketplace. Without this, the potential cost to the public and businesses across Europe is upwards of €20bn per annum in additional fees and costs”.


About Free ICT Europe

The FREE ICT EUROPE FOUNDATION aims to bring together the independent Enterprise ICT aftermarket Operators under the banner of “Freedom to Support, Repair and Resell”. The foundation is the initiative of CBE Computer Brokers Exchange and a group of independent European IT services operators. FREE ICT EUROPE invites Third Party Maintainers, Software Support Organisations, ICT Brokerage Resellers, Spare Parts Suppliers and Rental & Leasing Companies to join.

The time has come to get the recognition of our common values that unite all of us to become stronger, to defend the rights & interests of our customers, our businesses and Europe as a whole. YOUR voice counts and as a UNITED voice we can have a powerful effect on creating positive changes.


For more information write to:

Stichting Free ICT Europe Foundation

Chamber of Commerce Utrecht, 60202661

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