October 21, 2014
Tomás O'Leary

Origina are proud to announce their partnership with Bramble Hub and inclusion in the new G-Cloud 7 Framework.

Origina, the only credible alternative provider of software maintenance for IBM® software products, has been awarded a place on G-Cloud 7, in partnership with Bramble Hub. G-Cloud 7 is the latest version of the UK Government’s Digital Marketplace designed to streamline the procurement process for UK public sector companies.

The G-Cloud 7 framework is a pre-approved list of suppliers that allows public sector organisations to find, compare and source cloud based services online. Origina, a disruptive provider of software support, is delighted to be part of this program through its partner Bramble Hub.

The challenges of moving from on premise IT services to cloud based ones are well known. By using Origina’s services, UK public sector organisations with traditional IBM® software investments now have access to our ground breaking transitional services.

Tomas O’Leary, CEO Origina, commented, “This is a very exciting development and we are delighted to be part of an initiative that focuses on cloud computing’s capability for economic growth, capitalising on the cloud's cost saving and flexibility to create a more efficient, accessible means of delivering public services”.

Roland Cunningham, Bramble Hub’s Partner Director said: “Bramble Hub was created to enable high quality SME suppliers offer their services to government and the wider public sector. We welcome the addition of Origina’s independent cloud transitioning support service, which will help customers with legacy IBM® systems to migrate to the cloud quickly and cost-effectively”  

There are now over 2,500 suppliers on the G-Cloud Framework, and since its launch in 2012 sales through the Digital Marketplace are now approaching the £900 million mark.

Who are Origina?

Origina is the Dublin and London based company that, having identified a significant opportunity in the Third Party Maintenance (3PM) of IBM® software, then created a mould-breaking business that delivers a vastly improved customer-centric support service using the same technical resources as IBM® but a significantly reduced cost.

By harnessing the power of the collective support ecosystem Origina has evolved from its origins as an IBM® Business Partner to become the only credible alternative provider of software maintenance for IBM® software products. 

Who are Bramble Hub?

Bramble Hub are specialists in helping ICT companies secure public sector contracts through UK Government frameworks. We do this by connecting the best ICT companies with public sector organisations and vice versa, which means we are able to deliver more agile, flexible and cost effective solutions to the UK government. We have a large network of SMEs and niche specialists to meet all ICT requirements.

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