IBM® Sterling Order Management is an inventory and fulfillment management program that connects omnichannel retail experiences on the back-end to give retail companies real-time oversight into sales and logistics.

IBM® Host Access Client Package (HACP) provides flexibility to access host applications through a local client or the web.

Varicent Incentive Compensation Management (ICM) removes friction from the compensation process, accelerates the ability to make plan changes and adopt new strategies, and enables new insights to outdo previous performance.

IBM® InfoSphere DataStage is a data integration application that uses artificial intelligence to transport large batches of data across the organization for analysis and reporting.

IBM® InfoSphere® Master Data Management provides comprehensive matching capabilities for reconciling data differences, giving you the most up-to-date and accurate view of data.

IBM® InfoSphere® Change Data Capture (InfoSphere CDC) is a replication solution that captures database changes as they happen and delivers them to target databases, message queues, or an ETL solution such as InfoSphere DataStage® based on table mappings configured in the InfoSphere CDC Management Console GUI application.

IBM Operational Decision Manager helps you analyze, automate and govern rules-based business decisions. The solution can authorize a loan, decide on promotional offers or detect a cross-sell opportunity with high precision and customization.

IBM Transformation Extender is a powerful, transaction-oriented, data integration solution that automates the transformation of high-volume, complex transactions without the need for hand-coding. This provides enterprises with a quick return on investment. This product supports EDI, XML, SWIFT, HIPAA and other standards-based B2B integration, as well as the real-time integration of data from multiple applications, databases, messaging middleware and communications technologies across the enterprise.

This fast alternative to FTP server software helps you transfer and deliver files reliably and more securely. Help eliminate the bottlenecks and risks associated with the decades-old FTP technology to move the largest files and data sets at maximum speed — even over long distances. Aspera lets you use available bandwidth without impacting other business-critical network traffic.

The HCL BigFix endpoint management platform gives IT Operations teams the power of Continuous Compliance and Intelligent Automation to manage over 100 operating system versions, enabling streamlined management processes, tool consolidation and reduced operating costs.

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