IBM® Business Process Manager is a platform that enables better business process management for users in the organization through the development, implementation and use of its software’s features.
IBM® WebSphere Application Server (WAS) is a Java-based runtime which is the basis for many IBM and HCL products. It also acts as a resilient, stand-alone runtime for running business-critical, custom J2EE applications.
The IBM® Tivoli software family is a series of products concerning the management and storage of data through a series of functionalities which include virtualization and automation. IBM® Tivoli Composite Application Manager is a diagnostics tool that provides monitoring and reporting capabilities.
IBM Rational® provides a full range of offerings to ensure software and systems delivery success through practical, reliable, and extensible components. Designed with the needs of business users in mind, Rational® offerings provide flexible, time-saving technologies that are developed for immediate productivity, high-fidelity results, and cost-savings.
The IBM® Cúram Platform is a combination of solutions and additional tools primarily aimed at supporting large organizations in the health and human services sector largely through automation and standardized workflows. Watson Health products implement leading technology to solve business and clinical needs.
IBM® WebSphere Commerce is a series of tools designed primarily for e-commerce purposes and which allows for centralization and collaboration of data and processes, as well as coordination of marketing and sales teams. IBM® WebSphere Commerce is now known as HCL Commerce following HCL Technologies’ acquisition of the software in 2019.
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