IBM® Cognos is one of the most popular data analytics tools in the world and strategic to many organizations’ day-to-day operations. Understanding the Cognos support lifecycle and what your options are is critical to avoiding uncertainties and risk. 

IBM regularly announces End of Support dates for Cognos and this year is no different. Cognos version 11.0.X End of Support falls in September 2021 and companies should start preparing for the impacts now. In a similar fashion, organizations need to also be aware of multiple End of Support dates hitting for Cognos version 10.2.X, Cognos version 10.3.X, and Cognos version 7.5.X over the next few years. 

Find the End of Support dates for your business’ Cognos version below and learn about what options you have available – whether it is to upgrade to a newer version or to switch to a service like third-party support

IBM® Cognos 11 End of Support 

IBM® Cognos Analytics at version 11.0.X End of Support date is on September 30th, 2021. IBM is sunsetting a popular version of the software that was released in 2015, meaning companies will either need to purchase enhanced support, will need to upgrade their Cognos Analytics to a supported version, or will have to look at a third-party provider to maintain it. 

IBM® Cognos 10 End of Support 

IBM has two upcoming End of Support dates for version 10.X.X, with one taking place in 2021 and the other in 2023. Companies that wish to maintain these versions will need to work with their IBM representative to agree on support terms or reach out to third-party providers to find out if their product is supportable. 

IBM® Cognos 7.5 End of Support 

There are a host of Cognos version 7.5 products hitting End of Support, all in 2023. Organizations have a significant amount of time to strategize how they’ll handle the transition away from – or continued use of – these versions.

How to Manage IBM® Cognos End of Support 

When a stable version of Cognos that your company has run reliably for years hits End of Support, it can throw your IT roadmap into disarray. Where you had planned to continue operating on that version, you potentially now might have to commit financial and technical resources to an upgrade project. 

In truth, there are three different options for companies facing an upcoming Cognos End of Support date: 

  • Plan on upgrading to a supported version: One way to continue receiving support for your Cognos product is to upgrade it to a newer version. If you have an active IBM® Subscription and Support, you have access to the latest supported versions of Cognos. However, this may be the path with the most resistance. Upgrade projects are costly, time consuming and can introduce new risk into an otherwise stable environment. 
  • Get IBM® Extended Support: If your company is prepared to pay an additional fee on top of your S&S, IBM will continue to support your older Cognos versions. Be aware that while this option allows you to retain support from IBM for help on new queries, it’s unlikely IBM will provide you with any new fixes considering the version is unsupported. 
  • Switch to third-party software support: Third-party software support enables businesses to maintain and run the stable version of software they want, for as long as they want. At Origina, dedicated independent Global IBM® Experts serve as your IT teams’ point of contact when there is an issue or if they require an improvement in performance or functionality. Not only do the fixed-cost savings average roughly 50% annually, but third-party software support helps companies extend the lifecycle of their software assets. 

The third-party software support market is growing quickly, with analysts like Gartner and Forrester viewing it as a viable alternative to OEM support. It gives businesses a choice over their Cognos End of Support dates and helps them stave off costly upgrades or gives them greater flexibility over their IT roadmap. 

Learn whether Origina is the right move for your IBM® Cognos software by requesting a free Feasibility Assessment today. 


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