Licence Analysis

Explain IBM’s license and maintenance fees?
Does Origina have expertise for all of IBM’s products?
Can we break out a subset of our products to test your capability prior to moving the full inventory?
What if I’m not compliant with the number of licences currently purchased?

Formal Proposal & Contract

What service do you offer?
Who do you sell to?
Who do you currently provide this service to and can we contact these references?
Are you the only company in the world that does this?

IBM S&S Termination

Where do I stand with IBM if I use Origina’s service?
If the anniversary date of our IBM Passport Advantage S&S renewal is imminent or has just passed can we still move our contract?
IBM have told me that if I do break out a subset of products I will end up paying significantly more money on the renewals of any software left behind. Is this correct?
How do I cancel my IBM Passport Advantage S&S renewal?