Software Asset Readiness Assessment (S.A.R.A.)

Ask yourself these questions:

  • How prepared are you for an IBM® software audit?
  • Do you know how many IBM® software licences you have bought?
  • Do you know how many versions you use and how many of these IBM® will not help you with?
  • Do you understand IBM’s software contracts?
  • What’s the real value of your IBM® S&S contract? What are you actually paying IBM® for?

You could be ready for an alternative S&S option but are not aware of it. Origina’s S.A.R.A. offering can help you!

Did you know that IBM® have recently changed their Passport Advantage Agreement?

Recent changes to IBM’s Passport Advantage Agreement have pushed the responsibility of complying with licence agreements solely into the hands of the customer.

Where a customer is found in breach of the licensing agreement IBM® has the right to charge for excess usage including two years associated maintenance and IBM® Support and Subscription.

A licence is, at its core, a legal document that permits you to do acts that would otherwise infringe intellectual property rights owned by the licensor. It is often assumed that any act not permitted by the licence is an infringement of the licensor’s Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) or alternatively a breach of contract. Not so. Furthermore, the wording of many licences is often ambiguous and not suited to current technological practices. Licensors may often seek to leverage that ambiguity to maximise income for themselves.

100% of our S.A.R.A engagements result in cost savings for IBM customers!

S.A.R.A Benefits

S.A.R.A Benefits

  • Provides clarity and accuracy on your IBM® licences and what you are entitled to
  • Provides a, per product, benchmark of customer used versions/patch levels to available versions/patch levels
  • Provides cost savings by identifying “lost” licences which can be reinstated for less cost instead of purchasing new licences
  • Provides a clean independent audit of your IBM® licences in case of subsequent IBM® audit
  • Provides a consolidation of your licence records to simplify IBM® licence management for your organisation
  • Provides a simple summary of your IBM® software product licence charge metrics so that you are clear on your reporting responsibilities
  • Provides a, per product, roadmap assessment
  • Provides a root and branch review of all your IBM® licences by a leading UK barrister in EU intellectual property law that offers legal clarity and certainty
The S.A.R.A Audit

The audit process is a detailed review of your IBM® Passport Advantage licensing and the versions you use. Our licensing experts review your purchase and renewal history, along with any licence migrations that may have taken place, and present a simplified report detailing your purchases and entitlements.

Our IBM® software experts will then analyse your individual IBM® software products to outline where you are in the overall product lifecycle so you can be armed with the information you need.

Your IBM® licences will be reviewed by a leading UK barrister in intellectual property law who sits on our Advisory Board to ensure that you do not have more licences than you need, or where you will need more licences, or where there is an issue on interpretation of the licences, or an issue of intellectual property infringement.


Our clients who use S.A.R.A. get:

  • A fairer deal from IBM®
  • Audit defence
  • Clarity on the value of IBM’s S&S contract
  • Clarity on your legal position