Join us in an interactive webinar on the 17th of April 2018, 11:00 am eastern time to discuss this top and how to become a SAM Guru.

This webinar is based on one of our recent blogs: SIX pillars of a SAM GURU. Click here to read the blog.

Session Overview:

To be a true SAM guru employing best practices, you must master six conceptual pillars. If any of these pillars is missing you will likely experience problems with license coverage, compliance and/or software licensing/maintenance overspend.

  1. Ownership – What do you have?
  2. Usage – How they are being used?
  3. Plans – Do you understand them all?
  4. Contracts – Have you read them?
  5. Control – Are you in control?
  6. Versions –Do you know what you are using?

Hear about how you could become one with a little help from a source you may not have thought about before!


If you are worried that you cannot make it, register now and we will send you the playback.

Who Should Attend:

  • Software Asset Managers
  • IT Asset Managers
  • CIO’s
  • Senior IT Decision Makers
  • IT Procurement professionals