Henderson Case Study

Following the opening of a new £14m warehouse facility, Henderson Group users reported a serious performance issue with the main warehouse management system. Origina were called, and solved the issue inside 15 mins! Click here to find out how we done it.

“We did indeed have a problem yesterday right in the middle of (and directly related to) the go-live of our new warehouse. We really appreciate Origina’s great response to the call and access to expertise which sorted the problem. Things calmed down massively after that.” – Danny Hutchinson, Head of IT, Henderson Group

IBM software maintenance

For their €300,000 bill, the company had expected a better support process than another forced upgrade. As 2014 drew to a close, the global insurance company faced the same bill IBM sent them every 12 months – the cost of IBM’s monopoly on their support and maintenance tools.

But instead of surrendering to IBM’s miserable forced upgrade processes, here’s how the Head of IT saved their company over 50% on their bill for software asset management by switching to Origina… Continue Reading